Solar Inverter

The Sun is a vital source of energy. Life on earth is completely dependent on only a part of the suns's total energy. Renewable energy from the sun is abundant, clean, silent, inexhaustible and moreover in this expensive world, it is free.

Solar Power Systems :

Works on both Solar and AC Mains Power depending on Sun light Availability and energy requirement.

How it is works:

Solar PV Module converts Sunlight into DC Power and this is stored in the Battery bank. Solar Charger optimizes Solar charging and prevents Battery Over charger / Deep discharge. Inverter converts DC Power into AC Power. In rural areas where Grid power is not available. The system shall work only on Solar Power.

Key Features :
  • DSP based control guarantees high reliability.
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • 30% More energy is harvested by using MPPT solar charger
  • Autopriority logic in the charger for both mains and solar inputs
  • If the load is less than 5W, the inverter automatically switches to sleep mode to save power
  • Compact and light weight
  • User friendly installation
  • High Efficiency and extended backup time
  • Normal and Computer mode
  • Noiseless operation of fans, lamps and appliance
  • Liquid crystal display